The next East Rockaway community meeting, which will be an update of the work at the Plant, will be Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be located at Bay Park Civic Association, 7 Cooke Street E., East Rockaway, NY 11518.

The Emergency Generators will be utilized for a 24 hour period starting Wednesday, October 3rd at 7 :00 AM.

Installation of steel sheeting on the north storm water pump station has been scheduled to start on or about June 12th. The duration will be approximately one week and there will be vibration monitoring.

As part of the perimeter flood protection project, a guard booth is to be installed for the main entrance. The installation of the guard booth will necessitate the closing of the main gate.

Living with the Bay

At the previous community meeting, Wednesday 8/10, a resident, Joe Forgione mentioned that he is co-chairing a Citizens Advisory Council. Mr. Forgione advises that the council was formed to foster community engagement in the planning process and encourages fellow residents to be at the next meeting to be held on Monday, 8/22 at 6PM at Malverne Village Hall.

The Governers Office of Storm Recovery awarded a Community Development Block Grant of $125 million to the Rebuild by Design proposal “Living with the Bay”. The plan will implement physical, social, and environmental resiliency projects in East Rockaway/Bay Park and the other communities in the Mill River Watershed. For more information please visit http:/ or email Joe at

Beginning August 14, 2016, the E3 Contract will be vibrating sheeting in place on the north and east sides of the Primary Source Generator building. This work will take about 2.5 months to complete. The work is necessary to facilitate the installation of all underground utilities. If you have any questions, please email the Bay Park STP Hurricane Sandy email address (

Noise and Vibration Update:

Currently, under the electrical distribution system phase E3 Project, sheeting is being vibrated into place at the North East end of the Plant. Work on the sheeting started on Friday, April 1st 2016 and will be completed on Tuesday, April 8th 2016. The Contractor and Construction Manager are monitoring the vibration and noise. Allowable limits have not been exceeded to date.

Next week, under the perimeter flood protection (Berm) project, sheeting will be vibrated into place on the South East end of the Plant. This work will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. The Contractor and Construction Manager will monitor the vibration and noise for this work.